Post-Covid Clinic

Diagnosis and treatment by experienced specialists

There is likely no other clinic in Sweden with more expertise in investigating and treating long-lasting fatigue and the cascade of symptoms that can occur after viral infections. At our facility, we have evaluated several thousand patients with ME/CFS, a condition very similar to the post-viral fatigue often seen after Covid-19. We conduct research in this field and have published articles exploring the connection with Covid-19.

For individuals experiencing similar issues after the Covid-19 pandemic, Region Stockholm has an established care pathway where evaluations are carried out by primary care physicians. You can find more information about this pathway here. The final link in that care pathway is the specialist clinic at Huddinge Hospital. We strongly recommend that individuals initially join this care pathway, and you can even access the specialist unit with a self-referral. However, for those who desire the same evaluation with highly experienced specialist doctors and no waiting times, our post-Covid clinic is available. We are also free to provide the most modern and proven treatments. One of our key strengths is that we offer a comprehensive care continuum, including medical specialists, psychological and social support, and consultations with dietitians. Additionally, we provide physiotherapy, including exercise programs, as well as group treatments such as mindfulness or yoga.

Among our doctors, we have specialists in pulmonary medicine, infectious diseases, rehabilitation, pain management, and more.

The evaluation includes:

  • Initial team visit with a doctor, physiotherapist, and psychologist
  • Pulse oximetry with and without a 1-minute sit-stand test for individuals experiencing significant dyspnea
  • Chest CT scan (CT thorax) if not recently performed
  • Spirometry, lung function test
  • EKG, blood pressure measurement
  • Orthostatic test with electronically controlled tilt test (for POTS)
  • Smell and taste tests
  • Extensive laboratory diagnostics
  • Spirometry

If there is a suspicion of moderate to severe ME/CFS, we recommend a referral to our region-funded service. However, please note that this clinic cannot accommodate patients with 50% or more remaining functional capacity. ME/CFS is a condition that can arise following various viral infections, including Covid-19.